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Lynne Morgan

Artist / Illustrator, Designer and Chartered Landscape Architect

Lynne is qualified with a BA (Hons) degree in Design and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture.

Lynne has been painting and drawing since her early childhood and subsequently attended Art School in Shrewsbury, in her home county of Shropshire, from where she went on to obtain a BA degree in Design. She worked for several years in a Design and Print Unit of a College, before returning to University to study Landscape Architecture. Her strong interest in the environment has led her to work for many years for various organisations in locations around the country as a Landscape Architect, before returning back to Shropshire and setting up this business.

Lynne is also an artist and has continued to paint and draw all her life. Her personal work is inspired by the landscape and the human form.

Lynne can draw on specialist archaeological and historic advice in a wide range of specific fields, including archival and documentary research, landscape and buildings survey, the history of technology from all periods, experimental archeology, historic mapping and contemporary cartology.

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